How I organize my planner stickers!

Do you guys have your precious, pricey planner stickers laying all over your dining room table after planning during a meal? On your nightstand after late-night planning sesh? All over desk, mixed in with all your other planning supplies and stationary? Well, me too. Or, I did, until I decided enough was enough it was time to ban all the clutter! Now I have all of my sticker kits from all of my favorite stores in one place! Planning is so much easier now that I have my sticker storage, and my stickers are kept safe!

2Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys how I store my planner stickers and keep myself sane! It’s simple, really. All I use is a 3-ring binder. I found mine in the dollar spot at Target, and in the office supplies section, I found the little plastic sleeves I put the stickers in. I made the dividers for each section myself, you can find them in my shop if you’d like some for yourself.

I also use a little photo album I found at Michaels for my smaller sticker sheets.

Now planning is so much quicker and a lot less messy now that I have a place for everything! I hope you guys enjoyed this idea and found it helpful! If you’d like to see a video of how everything works for an in-depth explanation, check out my youtube video about it!

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